My 2 years at Red

My 2 years at Red

 23 Nov 2017

Today marks my 2 year anniversary with Red, so I thought I would take the chance to write this weeks blog on my journey so far.
My first impression of Red
My first impression of Red was really positive.   I felt like they weren’t just another recruiter spinning that same old sales pitch…they were a small family owned company that have worked hard to create a company with a great reputation and really pride themselves on candidate experience, its really not just a numbers game for them.  I’m not sure their first impression of me was quite so positive as I was running late, (something I always warn my candidates not to do) but luckily they saw past that knowing I was coming from work in rush hour traffic!  Bearing in mind how much time we spend at work it really is important to get along with the people you work with.   I felt that I built up a really good rapport with both of the Directors at my interview.   They made me feel so welcome in the office and even got one of the members of staff to come in and have a chat with me to tell me a bit more about what it was like working for Red.   They were open and honest about the company and some changes it was going through and the direction they wanted the company to go in.  Straight away I felt like it was a team I wanted to be part of.
My highlights…
I got the opportunity to work closely with a brand new client soon after I joined.  From this I have been able to increase our temp/interim numbers and it’s been exciting to see this contract develop.  It gives me a variety of roles to work on which keeps my days busy and varied.  It’s also amazing to hear the reactions of candidates when you are offering them a job, something I think every recruiter would say is one of their favourite parts of the job.
Another definite highlight has probably been moving to our new office.   Its something we have now done a number of times within the 2 years, firstly moving from Govan to Glasgow City Centre (Tay House) and since being in Tay house we have now also upgraded to a fancy office with a great view of Glasgow. 
What do I like about Red 2 years on…
It’s great to be in a job where I feel supported and listened to.  Being a small company means that we are all highly involved in the business, our MD always asks our opinions and thoughts regarding business decisions and I think that definitely helps to make us feel like valued employees.  Its sounds like a cliché but as a team we all get on really well, we are often in contact with each other outside office hours and it probably helps that we all love a night out!
What’s next for me at Red
Red is currently going from strength to strength so I’m looking forward to this time next year to see what we have achieved.  It will be nice to see the team expand as we get busier and I’m look forward to seeing my role develop and grow along with this. 
Here’s to the next 2 years! 
Written by Stacey Clark        


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