What makes us tick?

What really makes us tick?

 30 Nov 2017

A couple of weeks ago I attended the “Recruitment Leaders Connect” event in Glasgow and listened to a number of excellent speakers talking about the future of recruitment.
One speaker, Derek May (CEO of Brightwork), talked about what motivates people and how we can apply that in our work environments. Derek kindly recommended a book on the subject, Drive by Daniel H. Pink, which I am currently reading and have to say is a “must-read” for anyone interested in understanding what really makes us tick.
The premise of the book is how traditional motivational methods such as the “Carrot and Stick” are no longer effective with the modern workforce and that we, as individuals, are ultimately driven by more intrinsic factors, and that money is only important up to a point, after which people need the below 3 core elements to feel satisfied in our working and personal lives:
We need to feel in control of our work – increasingly people want to have control over WHEN they work, WHO they work with, WHAT they work on and HOW they do it. This is ultimately a results-driven model built on trust – if we cannot trust our team members not to shirk when given this level autonomy then we really need to think about whether we want that employee on board.  
We want the opportunity to get really proficient in whatever we do and keep learning and really improve ourselves. We are naturally inquisitive.
We want to feel that what we are doing has purpose, that we are working towards something meaningful and important.
I am a big believer of this approach and think we are just at the beginning of a sea change in organisations as people begin to realise that the old school “Fear Vs Reward” methods, particularly in KPI-obsessed recruitment, are simply not working. I want a happy workforce that is bought in to the wider purpose of what we are trying to achieve and built on trust.
(by Matthew Welstead)


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