Healthy Office Hacks

Healthy Office Hacks

 7 Dec 2017

Trying to keep yourself fit and healthy in a desk job can be difficult for many, especially with Christmas around the corner and the boxes of celebrations and heroes start creeping into the area that used to house the fruit bowl.  It is an area that we need to focus our energy and attention on to make sure that we don’t do ourselves any unnecessary harm whilst trying to earn our crust.
We at Red have pulled together a list of useful hacks to keep you and your team fit and healthy whilst you orchestrate greatness with the help of a keyboard and a backlit screen.
1.Get your 5-minute move on
We suggest taking a 2-5 minute break at regular intervals throughout the day.  Since we are mostly slouching in front of our computers its important that we get up and go for a walk or stretch every couple of hours.  We suggest a 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm 5-minute walk, you can make it even more fun by recruiting your colleagues and make them do a stretch or two.
If you are in a manual job you can take a lesson from the Mining industry that make workers do a pre-start warm up before work and after lunch to avoid injury.
2. Don’t have lunch at your desk
According to research in 2016, 52% of British workers eat their lunch at their desks most days.  Don’t let this be you, take your lunch and go for a walk, rain hail or shine get out of the office and keep moving. 
Taking yourself for a medium or fast paced walk for only 2 miles per working day will amount to 476.66 miles per working year.  That is like walking from London to Dundee, probably more likely that it would be from Dundee to London though.
3. Introduce a lunchtime class into your workplace.
If you want to push yourself further how about getting your sweat on during a lunch time workout or class.  City centre gyms have more and more lunch time express classes available that allow you to take a spin class, stretch out your body with 30 minutes of yoga or even a 45-minute sleep class if you’re in need of some shut eye.
Take the spin class route and you will cycle between 7.5 – 12.5 miles per session, go for the sleep class and you might be able to fly to New York in the same time.
4. Flexi-Hours & Remote Working
Feeling burnt out from too much time at the office, if your company doesn’t have a Flexi-hours or remote working policy, approach your boss with the idea of setting up a Flexi-Hours scheme or even remote working allowing you to spend less time travelling and more time looking after yourself.
You wouldn’t be alone numbers have grown by over 19% in the past decade according the analysis of government figures by the TUC.
5. Standing desks
This one is self-explanatory, you stand instead of sitting for the entirety of your day.  There have been many studies that have looked into the health benefits of standing instead of sitting all day at your desk. Benefits include burning up to 50 calories extra per hour compared to sitting as well as better posture.  There are however a couple of things that you should take into account if you do plan on doing this.
  • take it easy on your knees and ankles but standing on a gel or rubber mat.
  • Wear appropriate footwear that supports you.
  • Make sure your screen is still 15 to 30 inches from your eyes
  • Take it in stages, do a couple of hours each day and work up to the full shift over time.
These are just some of the ways that we can look after ourselves whilst working but if we can implement them as a team we will increase our chances of making the above habits for life.
Remember a healthy work life is for life, not just for Christmas.
(by Gordon Rennie)


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