Lessons Learnt From 1 Million Candidate Journeys In 2017

Lessons Learnt in 2017

 19 Dec 2017

With Christmas approaching and 2018 just round the corner, it is natural at this time to be reflective and look back at the highs and lows of the past year.  With a global client base covering several sectors it is essential that we are aware of key trends that have become apparent in the hiring process during 2017.
Here are 3 key themes that we have identified and wanted to share with the hiring community to consider where we can make improvements in order to protect and build on our reputation and brand:
1. Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy
Save on everyone's time and effort by being open and honest (from the outset) about the nature of the role and what type of candidate the Hiring Manager is really looking for.
2. Set Hiring and Feedback Timelines
The best candidates in any industry don't tend to hang around for long, don't be the one to miss out on the cream of the crop with delayed, ineffective and out of touch hiring processes.
Manage candidates' expectations by setting out the intended time frame for the recruitment process up front. Candidates don't mind waiting as long as they are kept in the loop and understand why there may be a delay.
3. Feedback, Feedback, Feedback
This is the Holy Grail of recruitment, it would also appear to be the biggest secret!
Application Feedback - If a candidate has taken the time and effort to submit an application for the role, its only fair that they receive feedback to understand why if and why they were successful.  If you are receiving completely unrelated or inexperienced candidates consistently then it may be time to either address point 1 again with your recruiter or in fact find a new recruiter.
Interview Feedback - This is the area that sets the best hiring teams apart from the rest, when candidates interview they open themselves up for criticism, there is usually a lot at stake for them.  Timely feedback helps ease the stress of this time, no matter if it is good or bad. When it takes 2 or more weeks to come back with interview feedback candidates will begin to doubt whether they are really wanted by the hiring company, whether they really want to join an inefficient company or even worse they receive an offer from a competitor.


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