Simplify your NY Resolutions

Simplify your NY Resolutions

 4 Jan 2018

Most of us will have set some sort of goal to add one or more habits to our lives for the next year; whether they are alcohol induced or not we can help you achieve them no matter what they are.

Let’s be honest here, setting a goal for an entire year can be daunting, hard to stick to and can be counterproductive to our efforts for the entire year.  There is nothing wrong with setting large goals and stretching ourselves outside our comfort zones but like most large goals our resolutions can fall by the wayside in a short space of time.

Below are three standard and common New Year’s resolutions:

  • Going to the gym 4 times a week
  • Losing a stone, kg or pound in weight
  • Running a marathon

Whilst all the above are great goals to have they are set up in such a way that we will probably fail to achieve them.  Achieving goals simply put is down to consistency and discipline, traits that must be practiced each day throughout the year. 

By setting our resolutions on one day for a full year we are putting a lot of pressure on ourselves.  If you say you will go to the gym 4 times per week, chances are you will for the first 2 or 3 weeks.  It is likely that you will fail on one week within the first month and consequently beat yourself up for only going 2 times that week.  The same applies to the Marathon run, it’s a huge target to achieve, one that only a small percentage of people will achieve in their lifetime never mind a year. If you look at your resolutions in a different way you can drastically increase your chances of success.

If, instead, we look at resolutions day-by-day we will undoubtedly get more done and create good habits throughout the year.  For the above resolutions we can simplify them into the following small habits for each day:

  • I will pack my gym bag before I go to bed for the next day and leave it at the door. 
  • I will write down what I have eaten each day, and I will prepare my lunch the night before for work. 
  • Set up a running plan for the week ahead on a Sunday.  Monday run to the shops, Tuesday run to the shops and back, then gradually increase from there within the schedule you have set.

No matter the resolutions that you have chosen for yourself, by breaking them down in bitesize daily chunks, you can create the new habits that will lead you to achieving your ambitious New Year’s resolutions in no time.

Happy New Year and best of luck from all of us at Red.


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