Job Hunt Tips #2 - CV Formatting

 22 Mar 2017

This is a very wide field and there are many ways of expressing yourself and your career on a Curriculum Vitae.  There have been several well documented new style CV’s ( that have caused a lot of fuss over the past few years.  They are all amazing, so if you have the level of creativity like any of them go right ahead, good luck and let me know how you get on.
Generally speaking most of the clients I work with want a CV in a standard format and to this day I have not received anything other than a standard CV in either PDF or Word.  Again, if you want to create a timeline CV or something unique then I would encourage this, it might take a bit of time for this to become common practice and you might meet a bit of reluctance from recruiters and HR along the way but it would certainly help you stand out with a company that is open to it.
No matter how you want your CV to look I would recommend having the following sections as a minimum:
  1. Profile
  2. Experience
  3. Education
  4. Skillsets
  5. Highlights
Some general advice when it comes to writing your CV would be:
  1. Avoid 1st person
  2. PlAesE Pelase Please use spellcheck before you press save and proceed to send
  3. Elaborate more on the relevant work experience
  4. Elaborate more on your recent positions
  5. Limit your blurb or bullet points to no more than 6 or 7 for any one job, 2 or 3 for earlier jobs
  6. Amend your CV for every job that you apply for, try to expose your suitability to that role.  The job description is your friend.
  7. If in doubt cut it out
Testing and experimenting is very important too.  Try one format of CV and gauge the reaction it gets, amend, send, review again and again.  Eventually you will become a pro at it but it will take practice as everything does.
 Best of luck.


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