8 Job Hunt Hacks for 2018

8 Job Hunt Hacks for 2018

 22 Feb 2018

Hone your radar
If you are working from a list of desired companies, you can use LinkedIn to your advantage and check if there are any movements in the teams that you are looking at joining.
All you need to do is keep an eye on the profiles of individuals within these target companies or keep an eye on the company page to see if there is any evidence of a trend in increasing employment within your field.
Get in behind Enemy Lines
If you have a background or any experience of B2B sales, you will know that there are certain people that it is in your best interest to be on the right side of.  Receptionists in SME businesses are great as they hear everything and know if there has been any rumours of movements or upcoming positions.
If you can get on good terms with certain employees, you can really help your cause down the line.
Go Caffeine Crazy
Getting the coffee shakes only demonstrates your commitment to the job hunt.  Attempt to meet as many hiring managers in your chosen space so that you are known and can get the drop on any upcoming positions.  This is more effective if utilised in the long term, if you are in a job at the moment it isn’t disloyal to get in touch with the hiring managers at companies across your sector.  There can be many gains in your current job from such practises as you get to understand and hear about what other companies are doing to be successful.
Down the line if you are looking for a new position you are in the perfect position to reach out or sniff out any good opportunities.
Value Add
Offer to assist potential employers, hiring managers or recruiters with some free help.  If you are talking to recruiters but haven’t had much in the way of feedback you could help yourself out by introducing them to strong candidates that they may not know about in the market.  Pick a job they have on their books and work out whether you know anyone that might be of interest to them. 
If you are in sales and looking to work with a company, try and bring them a new client or at least introduce them to some potential clients.  This is something that you can’t replicate no matter how hard you try with a CV or job profile. 
Video CV
It only seems appropriate that we embrace the technology available to us in 2018.  You might think that a video CV would be boring if it is an exact replica of your CV, well you would probably be right about that in all honesty.
The video CV would have to take on a different angle.  Gone are the days when your image isn’t on a CV just in case you are judged by the hiring manager.  The chances are if someone likes the look of your CV they will go searching for you on Linkedin or elsewhere to get an idea of how you come across. A video CV is a perfect way to control how you are perceived by breaking the barriers first.
Aim to cover your experience, history, motivations and goals for the future in your answers.  Come across as light hearted and positive whilst remaining professional.  There are already some excellent examples of this on Linkedin and YouTube for you to brainstorm ideas.
The days of hiding behind a still image and text are probably numbered, get in early and impress potential employers with your forward-thinking attitude.
Linkedin Searching
If you haven’t heard of Boolean searching, you could be missing out on great opportunities.  Certain search engines and search functions on various sites allow you to use Boolean searches to find what you are looking for. 
One of the often-overlooked functions on LinkedIn is the ability to search through content produced in Linkedin posts by not only your network but everyone on Linkedin.
Say you are looking for a position as a HR Manager in London, try the following:
  • Simply type “HR Manager” AND “London” into your search bar on LinkedIn.
  • Then you want to click on the content tab
  • You should then be presented with several jobs that you might not have known about previously
Twitter can be an untapped resource for looking for a job, again using the search function you should be aiming to connect with recruiters and companies in your space.  Get involved in conversations that you are interested in and grow your network that way rather than following randoms aimlessly.
Open to opportunities
This function on LinkedIn has been around for a while now but it is still a great function to make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities recruiters may have.  By selecting open to opportunities on your profile page you will allow those with recruiter profiles to see that you are looking for a new opportunity when you come up in their search.  As simple as it sounds this can increase interest from recruiters and present many opportunities that you might never have heard about.


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