Using Social Media...

Using Social Media...

 1 Mar 2018

These days social media is everywhere...there is really no getting away from it and, whilst your social media sites are your own personal sites, these days recruiters / employers can use them as a way to get to know you better before they decide to hire.  Now whether these sites paint you in a positive or negative light is your choice!
From a professional point of view most companies may view your LinkedIn profile once they have received your CV.   They want to see that this matches your CV and want to look at any additional information that may be available to them (ie articles you have published, posts you have written etc)
There is then the other point of view…what if the company is looking for their next hire and your LinkedIn page comes up on their search list.   If your page isn’t up to date with your latest work history and qualifications, then you could lose out on an opportunity straight away without even knowing about it. 
If you're looking for a job within the professional market and don’t yet have a LinkedIn page then I would definitely recommend you get one.  It really is a great way for a potential employer to learn more about the professional you.
Facebook / Instagram / Twitter etc
Whilst LinkedIn is known as a business platform, a lot of the other social media sites are more personal, where you share photos from nights out and have a bit of banter with your pals.
With Millennials now in the work place and social media taking over the world it's without a doubt that employers may also have a look on your other social media sites too.  So it may be a good idea to think about what and when you are posting: 
I’m sure most people are guilty of taking a cheeky look on Facebook/Instagram etc when they should be working.  But are you constantly posting information when its quite clear you should be concentrating at work?   So when your friend tags you in something do you really need to respond right away or can you wait until lunchtime or after work to do this?
Posting on Social Media sites is a way for you to get your opinion across and share your feelings and views but you need to remember once online it can never really be deleted.  So whether your commenting on sports / politics / religion just stop and think about who could be reading it.  What might be a joke between friends may be read very differently if seen by someone out with the group of intended recipients.   The same goes for the photos that you post.  It can be funny to post those photos from a night out of you and your friends, but again you need to think about who will see them.   Now I’m not for one minute saying you shouldn’t post photos from a night out (I always have my camera out on a night out…much to most of my friends annoyance) but I just want you to think about how they may come across.   I believe the best way to keep things separate is by making sure you remember to use the privacy settings on these sites.  Most sites will allow you to decide whether you want your account to be private (so only people you are friends with /connected with can see your updates or photos) or you can make your account public (which means the whole world can view)  When posting most social media sites let you then choose if you want the post to be private or public also so just think about who it is you want to see these before hitting that button. 
Now there are still a number of people that like to shy away from Social Media and either don’t have accounts or have closed them down as they got fed up with them.  But remember some social media sites are a great way to boost your career and sell your skills to potential employers, for example LinkedIn.  So use these sites to your advantage and keep them updated with relevant content.




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