Job Hunt Tips #3 – Update Your CV

 22 Mar 2017

It probably won’t be long before the CV is replaced by something more fitting for the 21st century but at the moment it remains one of the tools that we can use to demonstrate our skills, experience and suitability for the position that we have applied for.
If you want to receive “the thanks for applying unfortunately…” email then you should definitely not bother with this advice.  According to Forbes the average amount of applications for any job is 118.  That is a lot of people to compete with.
If you want to have a fighting chance then you must update your CV.  You must stop just copying and pasting parts from your 2012 CV or just typing in your latest role then sending it out.  If you think about it you probably wouldn’t give yourself a chance for doing so either as it is just lazy and unimaginative, maybe it worked in the good old days but not anymore.
As described in the previous post on CV formatting and will be in greater detail on the 9th January you should get into the practice of rewriting your CV for every job that you apply for trying to highlight the specific requirements are important for that employer.  I would also recommend doing this when you are in a position just for the practice.
Make sure that the simple things are in order.  Is everything in the same font and size throughout the document? Call me OCD but are things like your date in the same format throughout the document?  Do you start with Jan – May 2012 and end with January 2016 to December 2016? The small things count, make sure that you are not working against yourself.
Do you have a photo on your CV?  Personally, I would advise staying away from this but if you do please update it.  It’s amusing but definitely not professional when you see a picture of someone in their 20’s and someone in their 50’s turns up for the interview. 
Above all be honest and pay attention to the detail and remember that your CV is an opportunity for you to show off.


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