Why Charity Involvement is good for you

Charity Involvement is good for you!

 15 Mar 2018

    Beating Bowel Cancer,
    Cancer Research,
    CLIC Sargent,
    St Vincent’s Hospice
If you’ve ever volunteered in the community or completed a gruelling Charity event, you will have experienced the positive impact it has made on yourself and on others. You meet new people, feel accomplished, and make lifelong memories, all while making a tangible difference to society. Community involvement is not only something you should do as an individual or family, though, it is also a great way for employees to work together for a common good.
Here at Red we are ALL about Charity Involvement at the moment – we currently have Gordon Rennie (AKA Rocky Balboa) about to embark on a Charity Boxing Match in aid of Cancer Research; our 2 Directors are training for the London Marathon at the end of April (for CLIC Sargent and Beating Bowel Cancer); whilst Stacey completed a Charity swim for St Vincent’s Hospice last summer.
In addition, we support pro-bono recruitment for Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity and the team are encouraged to volunteer and get involved in the local community.
Here are 4 reasons why community involvement is good for you AND your job prospects!
1. Generosity and Compassion create Positive Vibes
It’s no secret that doing someone a good turn or donating to Charity genuinely produces a happy feeling (by creating more Oxytocin, Endorphins etc), even the smallest good deed will make you feel more positive, and why would you not want to continue that feedback loop indefinitely!
2. Networking
Getting involved in the Community or at a Charity event is a great opportunity to network with like-minded people and show that you are committed to making a difference to the world, you can also use the experience as a great talking point for social media, traditional media, or a blog post before and after the event. When you’re getting involved in your community, take photos to help you remember the moment and be able to share it with others later.
3. Employers love it!
Most hiring companies these days make an effort to be seen as socially responsible and are heavily involved in local Community/Charity work. Employers will actively look for candidates to demonstrate their commitment to extra-curricular activities, and in particular any examples of giving back to the community, no matter how large or small. Many hiring managers will include a specific question in interviews to allow candidates to express their passion for giving back.
4. Employees love it!
Your team want to work for a socially responsible brand. When your employees work together for a cause, it will help them form more valuable relationships outside of the office, where they might not already do so. Having strong internal relationships are good for overall workplace morale. Their commitment and thoughts toward the company will strengthen as they see the brand doing great things for the community.
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