Generic Job Hunts Get Generic Results

Generic Job Hunts Get Generic Results

 29 Mar 2018

    Job Hunt,
Finding your next dream job isn’t as difficult as it may seem. The process most of us follow when applying for a new job will look something like this:
  • Search for a generic job using a generic title
  • Hit apply and attach your generic CV
  • Click back to search results
  • Repeat
I don’t know if Albert Einstein was thinking about your specific job search when he said the following:
"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
But I am sure that Albert was onto something when he said it.
It is time to stand out, it is time to stop wasting your time and start doing yourself justice and open up doors to new beginnings that lie just the other side of some deliberate hard work.
There is no great secret to it, telling yourself that by simply attaching that CV again and again and hitting apply will bring different results than it has done before will not work.
Instead, you should be aiming to stand out from the crowd.  Hiring managers and recruiters are looking for Subject Matter Experts, they are looking for the best individual they can find for the vacancy. 
What are your real strengths? What skills do you have that set you apart from your colleagues? Focus on these skills and look for opportunities that will allow you to excel using your differential skills. 
By looking for opportunities, you can focus on more than just job boards or LinkedIn.  Get into your network and become a salesperson, a salesperson for yourself.  Do some research on the companies that operate in your field, reach out to current employees, reach out to recruiters in that space.  Build your network and try to search for gaps where you could fit in before it goes to the market.  If you can build a rapport with people in the company you might find some problems that they are having and have an opportunity to create solutions to the problems. 
Differentiate yourself from the competition, in more ways than one, don’t be generic, be a front runner. Old Bert would have been proud.


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