TFI - Ruaridh MacGregor

TFI - Ruaridh MacGregor

 6 Apr 2018

Ruaridh Macgregor
Where do you currently reside?
What do you do for a living in ten words?
Manage communications and engagement with stakeholders across various channels
  1. What was the best advice you received at the beginning of your career?
Even if you don’t know what you want to be try and gain as much life experience as possible - go cool places, meet interesting people, have passions and interests (sports, Art, music, travelling etc). These are the things that will help you build a valuable network. Surround yourself with motivated interesting people that bring out the best in you.
  1. We all have a few things that annoy us when we see it happen in our chosen careers, what is an example of something that gets completely under your skin?
I don’t mind when people blow off steam or even have a rant every now and then, I think that can be healthy. But people who constantly moan about trivial things – it really grates on me.
  1. Do you have any morning rituals?
I turn the Shower too cold for 30 secs – the shock always gets me going.
  1. What was your favourite programme as a child?
My favourite movie was Master of the Universe, the He-Man film – I must have watched it about 100 times. Not sure what life lessons it gave me.
  1. What did you want to do when you were a kid?
As a kid I was football daft, I would love to have played professionally and later music was my real passion – making a living in a band would have been cool.
  1. What would your dream job be at this point in your career?
I would love to start a company or foundation that provided career or development opportunities for young people.
  1. What memories do you have of your first ever job?
Flipping Burgers in Burger King. All the free burgers I could eat – just what a spotty 16 years old needed.
  1. Is there one book that you have read more than twice?
Animal Farm – George Orwell – its only a short one, but one of my favourites.
  1. What goals have you set for 2018 and beyond?
To be happy, motivated and hopefully bring out the best I those around me both in my personal and work life. I also have plans to do more travelling.




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