Job Hunt Tips #4 – Attitude

 22 Mar 2017

Attitude, possibly the most important attribute when it comes to success in any area of your life.  Attitude is key to successfully finding your dream job in both your conversations and engagements with others and your conversations with yourself.  Sometimes our Monkey mind tells us that we can’t do something or that we should give up, sometimes even before we have started. We have to take control of our own attitude and put it to work.
The importance of your attitude in your dealings with people cannot be underestimated; this can fall into normal life as well.  You never know when the random person at a sporting event standing next to you or sitting next to you on the train to work might be able to positively influence your career. 
On a night out over the Christmas period my friends and I ended up in a club in Glasgow, as most are on the run up to Christmas it was absolutely packed, the bar was 5 deep and the 5 staff on the bar were working tirelessly and to be fair to them acknowledging other customers to advise them that they will be served next.  For me that is far from poor service. For one customer this was not on, she had apparently waited 10 minutes before being offered service. She was absolutely livid.  An argument ensued and at the end of it her face and neck were a crimson red and you could actually see the veins on her neck.  The result. No service for our angry festive friend.
In all honesty, If I were the barman I would have done the same thing but all I could think is why is she arguing about this, the place is full, the bar staff are getting slammed and they are the ones that stood between her and another drink so play the game, smile, thank them and tip them, who knows the next time you’ll probably get served a lot faster.
This happens all too often in recruitment too, I see it every day on LinkedIn where people argue, make spiteful comments or post about the people that they use to find their jobs. 
Granted some of them may have a case but trying to publicly embarrass someone is probably not going to help you find another job any time soon.  If you are really annoyed try writing an individual email or letter (remember them) to the person in questions or as above play the game. Understand that these people quite often stand between you and your next job as much as it may annoy you getting angry on social media does not cry out “I have a great attitude, hire me”.
Our attitude is one thing that should be precious to us as it is one of the only things we can actually affect and control.  There are countless things that happen in our day to day lives that we have no control over or influence on.  If we focus on our attitude and work with it consciously then we can harness it and put it to good use when searching for our dream job.
Whether we use it to rewrite our CV, contact a certain number of hiring managers, force ourselves to network in person, take that training course, take the next step and go for a promotion if harnessed correctly it will help deliver positive results.


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