TFI - Vicki Tait

TFI - Vicki Tait

 13 Apr 2018

Vicki Tait
Where do you currently reside?
Glasgow, though my heart is in The Caribbean!
What do you do for a living in ten words?
Play good cop and bad cop to Merchant Navy Cadets
  1. What was the best advice you received at the beginning of your career?
‘If at first you don’t succeed, don’t attempt a skydive’
‘Don’t focus on where you’re going, focus on how you’re getting there’.
(whilst trying to read a bus timetable in the work canteen).
  1. We all have a few things that annoy us when we see it happen in our chosen careers, what is an example of something that gets completely under your skin?
Nepotism because I think everyone should be given a chance on merit.
Poor communication too. Dedicating my studies to languages, I can’t stand badly structured emails, poor punctuation or just a general lack of effective communication. It’s particularly needed in my industry to keep operations running!
  1. Do you have any morning rituals?
A good shower ballad followed by a morning coffee – the elixir of life!
I always walk in with a big smile and a ‘Good Morning!’ no matter what mood I’m in.
  1. What was your favourite programme as a child?
The Queen’s Nose. 50p got that girl anything she wanted, now it barely gets you a Freddo!
  1. What did you want to do when you were a kid?
A Loir. For those who don’t speak 6-year old ambitious girl that doesn’t understand professions, that roughly translates as ‘lawyer’.
  1. What would your dream job be at this point in your career?
A rapper
Your email grammar makes no sense,
Reading your lines has got me all tense.
Improper punctuations doth disturb,
‘Cadetship’ is not a transitive verb.
Miscommunications lead to complications – stay in School!
* mic-drop *
…or a tour guide in Fiji.
  1. What memories do you have of your first ever job?
I had so many varied jobs through school and university, to mention a few: boxing-event waitress, hair salon receptionist, nightclub promoter and even a lift bell boy (girl)! I don’t miss the latter, it had it’s ups and downs…
My first permanent job out with university was in a fast-paced, target driven recruitment agency. I remember working hard and playing harder with my colleagues, most of which are to this day my best friends! It’s important to enjoy what you do and the rest will come to you.
  1. Is there one book that you have read more than twice?
La Sombra del Viento – a book about…books.
‘The Rock says…’ a book about Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.
  1. What goals have you set for 2018 and beyond?
New to my position in the department, I have big ideas for expansion and strengthening the programme that we run.
I’d like to travel more in my own time but it’s an expensive hobby, so maybe a secondary job as a rapper would help!




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