5 Tips to keep you focused at work

5 Tips to keep you focused at work

 26 Apr 2018

I’m happy to say that our office here at RED just keeps getting busier and busier.  So with the workload increasing how do we ensure we are staying focused to get the tasks in hand done. 
Here are my top tips to help you stay focused:
  1. Take breaks:   Its sounds pretty simple but I know how easy it is when your busy to think ‘I’ll just sit at my desk and work through my lunch’.  Whenever I have done this though I always find that at about 3 o’clock I’m starting to lose my concentration.  Its so important to take a little bit of time out, go for a short walk, get something to eat, by doing this you will definitely find you have more energy and focus to get you through the afternoon
  2. Make a list: I have to have a ‘to-do list’, otherwise I would 100% forget things that need to be done.  Sometimes I take 5 mins at the start of my day to think about what I need to get done, what needs to be done today, what needs to be completed by the end of the week etc.  It can be daunting sometimes when you look at that list and wonder how you are going to get it all completed but it’s worth it as it is such a great sense of achievement when at the end of the day/week you can tick off all the things you have completed.
  3. Plan your day:  How easy is it to start a job that you think will take you 20mins and the next thing you know its an hour later and your still on the same task.   Think about splitting up your day, don’t be distracted by emails coming in or your phone bleeping with a new txt msg, stick to the one task and get it completed before you embark on the next. 
  4. Take away any distractions: I bet I’m not the only one that has their phone out on their desk or as soon as they see the envelope icon showing you have a new email, you stop what you are doing to see what’s come in…Try and take yourself away from any unneeded distractions.  It could be simply to close your emails for an hour whilst you finish a task or if you are able to work remotely maybe going to sit in a quiet area to get space away from any typical office distractions.
  5. Coffee: In my opinion a couple of coffees a day does also help!
None of the tips above are anything complicated and most of them are pretty standard and self-explanatory but sometimes its important to remember these simple things.  Think about your own working week, are there any other simple steps you can take to help you stay focussed? Just remember that all important saying ‘If you fail to plan, then plan to fail’.


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