TFI - Rob Ferrone

TFI - Rob Ferrone

 4 May 2018

What is your name?
Rob Ferrone
Where do you currently reside?
Cologne/Köln in Germany
What do you do for a living in 10 words?
I am building a profession around automotive product data management
What did you want to do when you were a kid?
I was always into film stunts and special effects at a time when they were still physical rather than digital. I was great at blowing things up but I never mastered model making. If you went around blowing up big things then you’d end up in trouble so that was the end of my movie career. I tried to re-live my childhood by taking my colleagues to a stunt workshop, but I found out too late that it doesn’t make good business sense have half of your team out injured.
Who did you idolise when growing up?
Like many boys I grew up idolising the strong, independent characters like Michael Knight and Stringfellow Hawke but these days I realise that it is all about ‘loving it when plans come together’ with the Team.
What would you want to tell your 20-year-old self-knowing what you know now?
That talk and charm alone won’t cut it. You need to be able to work in the details, or find a business partner that can.
What was the best piece of advice you received in your career?
In the same way that I don’t have best food/film/music etc. I don’t think I could single out a piece of advice and say it was the best (I think there has been a blend of advice) but the best advice is something you take, not something that is given. Actively solicit advice, even from those not involved. People will appreciate the opportunity to impart their view of the world and you might learn something.
Do you have any morning rituals?
The best new ideas come to me in the shower, so I actively ponder the latest challenge whilst washing away the sleep.
What do you enjoy the most about your current job?
There is a sense of trust and camaraderie that develops when you grow a business together with a group of friends. We trust each other’s judgement and know that we all have the company’s best interests at heart. The interests of the wider team genuinely come before the interests of one’s self.
Is there one book that you have read more than twice?
I read Goodnight Gorilla every night. In terms of grown-up books, these days I start most books more than twice but have a very poor completion rate. I have a stack of books to get through so probably won’t have the time to read one twice.  
What memories do you have of your first ever job?
I didn’t have pushy parents so my first jobs were low paid and hard, manual work. I learned the relationship between different types of work and pay which that drove me to want to leverage my potential as best as I could. Today I still use the skills that I derived from the diversity of my early work, be it painting and decorating or pizza making, so my advice would be to try as many different jobs as you can whilst you are studying.


Lovely to read such a compassionate and sincere statement about building and caring for a company
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