Life is a Rollercoaster!

Stacey Clark
June 30 2022
The Rollercoaster Life of a Recruiter
As with many occupations, there are conflicting opinions on what a career in recruitment is like. One person may say it's the worst occupation you could have, but others tell it to be a highly fulfilling line of work. Some may not see past the pressure and worry of meeting targets, while others will feel it is an incredibly rewarding job.
While there are highs and lows to a career in recruitment, the overall feel for the job will depend on the individual, the organisation and the industry they are working within, Ronan Keating had it right when he sang 'Life is a Rollercoaster', this could be said about any specific aspect of life and any career. We believe that if you take the highs with the lows, you are in for a great ride! 
The Highs
  • Highly Rewarding - Let's face it, the sole reason anyone gets into any occupation is to earn a living, to achieve financial security. Depending on the role you take within recruitment and the company you are in, over time, you could be earning crazy amounts of money. This is a long-term benefit. You won't be earning the big bucks at base level, but through developing your skill set and meeting your targets, you can work toward it. 
  • Helping People Achieve - Arguably, the most fulfilling aspect of recruitment is helping candidates find the perfect role for them; it is no exaggeration to say that you could be changing their life for the better! 
  • No Two Days Are The Same - Even if you scheduled your day exactly the same way, Monday to Friday and followed the exact same daily routine, every day in the job will be different. This is because recruitment is a people-based business. Every day the interaction you have with clients and candidates will be fresh and new; people are unpredictable.
  • Influence within Business - If you are doing your job correctly, you will soon become a trusted recruitment partner with your clients. They will value your input within their hiring and listen to your guidance as the expert. This gives you a lot of influence within business; you are finding their talent and effectively shaping the future of their business. 
  • Getting Out and About - With the restrictions put in place during the pandemic lifting, we are seeing an increase in face-to-face meetings with clients once more. Networking is an important part of building business relationships, and many see it as a huge benefit to be able to get out and about within their job, rather than spending their whole working life in the office.
The Lows 
  • Dealing with Problems - As a recruiter, you are the middle man between your client and the candidates. Coordinating between two parties means that you will inevitably have to navigate any issues that may arise; whether it's a candidate dropping out of the process, clients having to reschedule interviews or any other issues, it is within your role to communicate those issues and navigate both parties to success. 
  • Handling Rejections - When a candidate has not been successful in the hiring process, it falls to you to communicate that to them. Being the face of their rejection is not fun. Sometimes this is something that really affects people, sometimes it is not. All you can do is learn from these experiences, and by honing your skills, you will be able to better match the right candidate to the right role in the future.
  • It's Challenging - All things worth doing are hard work. Some days in the job are more challenging than others; finding that perfect candidate is not going to be straightforward; there's no magic wand to wave. But when you overcome that challenge, the reward is worth it, seeing a candidate happy in a new role, your client satisfied with their fresh talent, and your boss pleased to see targets met. Everyone's a winner. 
  • Evenings and Weekends - When a huge aspect of your job is communicating with working people, it is understandable that candidates may not always be able to take your calls during working hours. Sometimes these communications may eat into your evenings and weekends. Whilst it may seem an inconvenience, these communications are vital to success, so it will serve in your best interests to work the occasional hour on an evening or weekend. 
So that is our summary of some of the highs and lows you may face in your career in recruitment. No job in any industry will be perfect all the time; you take it all for what it is, and the bad days make you all the more grateful for the good. The depth of the lows is the price we pay for the height of the highs.


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