Recruiting over the festive period

Megan Rowe
December 1 2022
The supermarket adverts are competing to make you emotional; shops are piled high with chocolates and goodies, and up and down the country, trees adorned with twinkly lights are cropping up in living rooms - it gets earlier and earlier every year! There is no denying it, we are entering the festive period. 
For many in the recruitment industry, this time comes with a sigh of relief. Christmas tends to see a slowing down when it comes to hiring, but don't see that as a means to coast through until January. No! Utilise this time in the best way you can. 
People will be making their new year's resolutions over the festive period. For many, they see the New Year as a fresh page and the perfect time to make life changes and improvements. A lot of people may have 'find new job' at the top of their resolution list. With that in mind, this quieter hiring period needs to be used to put you ahead of the game and ready for the New Year and all that it will bring.
Work on Branding 
When companies use a marketing approach to their recruitment strategies, they find they are able to attract and maintain a full flow of talent. During this slower hiring period of the year, utilise the time to update your marketing efforts and improve your employment brand. Invest wisely into the specific channels that will benefit your recruiting. 
Job Descriptions
One of your most powerful tools for connecting with new talent is your job descriptions. Are they up to date, or could they use some tweaks and improvements? Ideally, you should be checking and updating these regularly. However, it is one of those things that tend to slip the net in the hustle and bustle of the rest of the year. Those that may be looking for a new role for the New Year may spend their time off over 'Twixmas' searching for openings, so make sure your job listings will be the ones that catch their eye.
The Year in Review
This is a great time to take stock of the previous 11 months of the year. Look back across the year you have had and evaluate what worked well and what did not. What platforms did you find most successful? Where would you like to focus more effort in the coming year? 
Spot the Trends 
Again, looking back will help you with moving forward. Look over the data and statistics you have collected over the last few years and see if you can spot any patterns or trends that may help you pre-empt your future hiring needs to get ahead of the game. What type of jobs have you been hiring at different points in the year? Is there a pattern? Understanding these patterns will help you better prepare for your future needs. 
Goal Setting 
Another great way to prepare yourself for your next year in recruitment is to think about what goals you should be setting. Check back with us next month when we'll be looking more into what New Year's Resolutions recruiters should look to set themselves. In the meantime, if you would like to discuss further how best to use this period to make your recruitment strategies the best they can be, don't hesitate to get in touch - we'd be all too happy to help. 


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