Get to know your Candidate Day

Megan Rowe
January 19 2023
What is your name?
Laerke Pedersen
What do you do for a living in 10 words?
I work with social media, search optimization, and online campaigns.
Where do you currently reside?
In Glasgow in Scotland which is perfect when I work in Clydebank.
Describe yourself in 3 words?
Curious, optimistic, and passionate. 
Tell us what your typical day at work looks like?
Since we operate worldwide, I’ll have quite a few emails to answer in the morning. At the beginning of the week, I’ll analyse our online performances for social media, search engines and any ads we may be running. I spend most mornings in meetings with different subsidiaries and sometimes the afternoon, too, if I’m not creating visuals or planning campaigns. We also have many events, so sometimes you’ll find me running around with a camera to gather images and footage for our media bank.
What would you want to tell your 20-year-old self-knowing what you know now?
At 20, I started my first college degree, which led to 6 years of studying. I’d love to tell my 20-year-old self that I’m a lot smarter and stronger than I think and that I’m on the right path, so I don’t need to spend nights worrying if I’m doing the right thing.
What would you class as your biggest achievement so far?
Moving abroad and graduating from university. The work, time and effort were a whole new level for me, especially because of Covid, and I’m still in disbelief that I managed to do it. My Master’s degree shaped me in many ways because I was far away from my family and everything I used to know.
What was your favourite programme as a child?
Friends. Danish TV would show two episodes every afternoon, and I always tried to make it home to watch it. It’s the reason why my English proficiency was so impressive during my early teens and why I have an American accent when I speak. I don’t believe I would have moved to the UK if it wasn’t for this TV show.
Who did you idolise when growing up?
My mom. It took a few years, but in my teens, I started recognising how much she sacrificed and what she did to protect us. I’ve done a lot to make her proud, and I know for a fact that she is very proud of me today.
What memories do you have of your first ever job?
I was babysitting for the lady down the street as my first ”job”. Still, my first proper work experience was cleaning a flower shop and an electronic store. My aunt owned the flower shop, and she got me the interview in the electronic store after they asked her who was cleaning her shop.
If you could invite anyone (dead or alive) for dinner who would you invite and why?
Maybe Lewis Hamilton. I enjoy watching F1, but he is one of the few drivers I follow outside racing due to his charity work and the way he utilizes his celebrity status, but it’s a tough question.
Tell us something about yourself that not many people would know?
I try to spend 5-10 minutes every morning meditating. There’s something very freeing in having time set aside where you’re allowed to ignore and forget the things that might make you stressed or all the things you have to do that day.


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