An Environmentally Friendly Easter

Megan Rowe
April 6 2023
Remember when you were younger and Easter involved decorating hard boiled eggs to roll down the hill next to your house, before an easter egg hunt where everyone would each gather a handful of foil wrapped chocolates? Fun, but simplistic, right?
Yet nowadays, Easter has become rather commercialised – with extravagant eggs hitting the shop shelves not long after Christmas, and not just chocolate being gifted, but toys and cards too!
At Red we try to be eco-friendly where we can: we recycle, buy reusable coffee pods, but have to admit to also being big fans of Easter and usually celebrating with an office easter egg each. Which is fine, but it got us thinking…how could we be a bit more environmentally friendly at Easter time? We’ve come up with a handful of useful tips which we hoped may help you too!
The good news: being kinder to the environment this Easter doesn’t mean not celebrating the holiday altogether. Rather, it’s about getting creative with ways in which to celebrate.
  1. DIY Easter Decorations: Who doesn’t love decorating their house ahead of Easter? But this doesn’t have to mean hitting the shops for an easter tree and decorations (it’s not Christmas…). Instead, why not head into the garden to forage for some natural feathers, moss, and dried grasses and create your very own Easter wreath? This not only looks great but can also be reused as a bird nest in the garden once Easter celebrations have ended!
  1. Make your own eggs: Let’s face it, we all love a bit of chocolate…so why not try making your own egg this easter? Lakeland sells some fantastic Easter moulds, all you have to do is buy a large bar of chocolate, melt it down, pour into the mould and place in the fridge to set - voila, you have a zero-waste Easter egg. And a fun Sunday afternoon activity for a rainy April day!
  1. Activities over presents: Why did Easter suddenly become almost as present orientated as Christmas? When giving gifts at Easter, try to buy second hand where you can, or opt for a gift with meaning – such as a sunflower growing kit, which allows children to reflect on the changing seasons, or for older kids an activity to do together, such as a cinema trip or picnic out. Not only does this involve spending quality time as a family, but also eliminates unnecessary packaging and plastic toys that will lay in children’s rooms untouched.
  1. Shop local where possible: Planning on treating the family to a scrumptious Easter lunch? When shopping for ingredients, try to stay as local as possible: why not visit a nearby farmers market, or pop into your locally ran deli? Yes, it may be a little more expensive than supermarket goods, but you’re guaranteed the freshest of produce and are helping small businesses along the way!
  1. Recycle, recycle, recycle! However you decide to treat yourselves and loved ones this easter, just please remember to recycle the foil and cardboard from any eggs or cards received!
  1. Lastly: have fun! Easter is a fun holiday, the clocks have changed, the nights are lighter and everyone’s starting to feel a spring in their step. So most importantly, whatever your plans this Easter, we hope that you enjoy some well-earned time off with family and friends – just please try to keep our planet in mind whilst celebrating ��


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