A Career in the Maritime Industry

Megan Rowe
May 4 2023
Here at Red, we offer specialist recruitment services to the shore-based Shipping and Marine industry and love hearing tales from our maritime candidates of their adventures around the globe: both at sea and ashore! The marine industry offers an adventure, a challenge, and the opportunity to work anywhere in the world. Still not convinced?! Here’s a few additional benefits to working in the marine industry that may just persuade you…
  1. Fast Career Progression: Are you an ambitious individual looking to progress quickly in your career? The marine industry offers considerable responsibility from the outset. As a Marine Engineer or Technician, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of the vessel you’re working on; as a Sailor, you are directly responsible for the lives and welfare of your colleagues when at sea. Such skills are easily transferable to other industries and workplace environments, and holding such a level of responsibility from the outset of your career is very impressive to future hiring managers too.
  2. Unique Work Experiences and Locations: Jobs in the marine industry bring people from all backgrounds and nationalities together and offer the opportunity to travel all over the world, for free! By working aboard a ship travelling the globe, you will be exposed to different cultures and experiences and can make friends for life.
  3. Contributing towards something Important: The shipping and marine industry is responsible for transporting over 90% of the world’s trade, without which our economy would collapse. By joining the marine industry, you would be the driving force in supporting economies, businesses, and people all over the globe – a job that feels purposeful and impactful.
  4. Later Career Opportunities: The skills and experiences mentioned above never leave you, even when you’ve left the ship. Soft skills gained, such as management, team building, leadership, and resilience, coupled with the technical knowledge learned whilst working on the vessels, are highly sought after in other industries once you decide to make that move to a shore-based role. Such experience could even lead to shore-based management positions – which we regularly recruit for here at Red!
  5. Job Flexibility: The marine industry can often be seasonal, which can be a big draw for some people, who can then enjoy some quality time at home with friends and family to make up for the weeks spent at sea. Or for those who felt they didn’t fit in enough travelling whilst on board the ship - it offers the opportunity to take a few further months to explore a new country and culture!
If you’re considering a career in the marine industry, get in touch with us today and we can help you explore your shore-based Shipping and Maritime options further! 


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