Employee Engagement

Stacey Clark
September 8 2023
Ways To Stay on Top of Employee Engagement
People lie at the heart of any organisation. We hear that said a lot, but it is so true – and should always be the motto for a firm recruiting people. Yet one of the biggest challenges in a multi-platform business world is keeping our employees happy, whether they have been at a company for two months or twenty years. Keeping our staff happy means they are more likely to perform to the best of their abilities. If they do this, the company gets the full benefit and earns a reputation as a firm that people want to join.
Everyone wins, in theory – but we must keep re-examining ourselves in an ever-changing environment. How do we keep people interested and engaged in their jobs so that the company they work for has good staff retention rather than high turnover?
Here are several essential elements of employee engagement to explore:
Communication is key 
Maintaining open communication channels, through 360 degrees, is vital. As a manager, you must regularly update your team on company news while listening to and acting on their feedback. You also need to be aware of the business and its workings alongside you and your team, including areas of the company where you need more input. Rounded knowledge of the company helps you and your team to be best informed, especially in times of change. Communication needs to be clear, concise, and transparent – that way, it will earn and foster trust.
Promote Employee Wellness
The physical and mental well-being of your employees is a priority. Provide resources such as wellness programs, mental health days, and fitness benefits, and encourage regular breaks to help employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. Ensure you regularly check in on employees who work more at home than in the office.
Regular Employee Surveys
Understand what your employees feel, think, and want by conducting regular surveys. This will be clear evidence that you are a company that listens, especially if you act quickly and decisively on the results. Anonymous surveys will provide insight into areas for improvement that you may have yet to consider.
Keeping staff engaged is so critical to everything else you hope to accomplish that it's something you want to make sure you don't let slide. It's the human side of resource management and a great way to stay genuinely connected to your staff on a personal, human level.
Employee Recognition
Recognise and appreciate the efforts of your employees regularly. Acknowledging a job well done can go a long way in boosting morale and engagement. When recognising your employees, be sure this is done on a fair basis and that you are encouraging the 'slow burners' as well as identifying the 'quick winners'.
Regular employee catchups
Ensure your employees have the opportunity for a 1-2-1 chat every month, at least with their immediate manager or head of a department. These can be done through online calls, in person or even over a coffee. Either the person conducting the 1-2-1 can judge the best venue, or the employee themselves – one that gives them the best environment for open discussion. Running regular 1-2-1s encourages staff to speak about any niggling issues before they become bigger problems. You will be surprised how many things can be nipped in the bud at this stage before they fester and become obstacles to good performance! For the CEO, meanwhile, how about a monthly 'drop-in' surgery for employees over coffee or lunch, giving the employees a chance to talk freely in a more relaxed environment?
Regular company-wide catchups
Ensure your company is briefing its employees regularly – ideally once a quarter. You can set aside a few hours in the day – from 3pm onwards, say – and gather all the company employees. Here you can update them – or they can update you! – on new developments within the company, progress reports, projects, social initiatives, cross-team initiatives and more. This is the ideal time for senior management to recognise and praise employee performance and reward them for hard work, perhaps in a more social setting.
Career Development Opportunities
Help your employees grow by providing development opportunities. This could be through mentorship programs, online courses, workshops, or further education assistance. The need for these can be established in your 1-2-1 meetings or by encouraging the employee to bring them forward.
Team Building Activities
Regular team-building activities can improve interpersonal relationships, promote collaboration, and boost engagement. This could range from simple team lunches to off-site team-building events. When choosing the activity, get the team to vote on their favourite choice to get their involvement from the start. Keep things sensible where alcohol is concerned!
Visiting speakers
Why not get guest speakers for your organisation? This can be in person or online and an important or influential person who has dealings with the business of whatever your business or organisation is about – or something else wholly obscure. You can learn about their story, their working arrangements, their approach to business and their successes – and share your thoughts after as a company.
Flexible Working Arrangements
Offer flexibility in work schedules or remote work options where possible. Flexibility can improve work-life balance, increase job satisfaction, and lead to higher levels of engagement.
Encourage Innovation and Creativity
Give your employees room to innovate and be creative. Encourage new ideas and solutions and create an environment where risk-taking is acceptable. Have an interactive suggestion box where people can think about the future and make suggestions.
Provide Constructive Feedback
Regular, constructive feedback can help employees improve and feel more connected to their work. Also, encourage employees to share their feedback and ideas about their work and the company.
Create a Positive Work Environment
This cannot be overstated – a positive and inclusive work environment promotes employee engagement. This includes maintaining a safe and clean workplace, ensuring respectful interactions, and promoting diversity and inclusion. Inclusivity is so important, recognising the importance of each individual in the team regardless of their orientation or background.
Learn your employees' passions and hobbies outside of work, showing genuine interest while listening to their responses. Store this information so that the next time they do great work, you can give them a gift related to that passion or hobby (such as a paperback book).
Everyone is engaged
Implementing these strategies can help ensure your employees remain engaged, committed, and motivated, making your business a more attractive workplace. Remember, engaged employees are not only happier and more fulfilled, but they're also more productive, which ultimately contributes to the success of your business.


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